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It's not unusual for people to occasionally experience difficulty navigating stressful events or challenging circumstances in their lives, which can put strain on careers, relationships, and one's sense of competence and well-being. Working through such difficulty by opening up to someone close — be it a family member, dear friend, or trusted colleague — can be difficult, if not impossible. Having someone who is objective, impartial, and informed to consult with can help foster the confidence and fortitude needed to make important life changes and resolute decisions. As a professional life consultant, I can fill this role for you and help you gain the clarity, insight, and perspective that you need to move ahead in your life and reach your full potential.

New Perspective

With my background as a professor of psychiatry and psychotherapy training director, I offer a unique perspective to my clients. That informed and objective perspective enables my clients to look at their lives, careers, and relationships differently and see new opportunities. My experience and training help bring clarity to complex situations, the compassion and professionalism to develop and maintain trusting and confidential relationships, and the skills to quickly develop effective solutions.


My consulting services are intended to help individuals in various areas of their lives; for example, gaining more clarity and perspective during life and career transitions; navigating relationship issues; confronting existential issues; making difficult decisions; and learning strategies for overcoming the obstacles that stand in your way.

I have a particular interest and experience in working with elite athletes, focusing on early transitions into professional sports (or high-performance sport environment) and transition away from an athletic career when it comes to an end.

"A life consultant occupies a unique and important place on the spectrum of personal development professionals."

My Approach

My work is individually tailored to suit the person and the problem for which they seek consultation. I approach each client in a non-judgmental manner, being sensitive to the circumstances of their issues, and empathic to their experiences. Clients can expect to work within a collaborative relationship. Together, we will clarify the primary issue(s) to be dealt with, set concrete and attainable goals, and regularly appraise your progress.
I strive to create respectful, trusting, and non-judgmental relationships with my clients.

A trusting and mutually respectful relationship will facilitate honesty and creative problem solving. New ideas and innovative solutions will follow.

I am direct and solution-focused. I will serve as a source of objectivity, information, experience, insight, and accountability in an effort to arrive at an efficient and effective resolution to the issue for which you sought consultation.

It’s important to emphasize that the life consulting service that I offer is not therapy. Yet, given my professional experience, I am able to be sensitive to and work effectively with emotional, psychological, or spiritual aspects of problems. If I perceive a need for psychotherapy, or should you wish for psychotherapeutic work, we can discuss available options.

My Bio

I am a Professor and Director of the Psychotherapy Program in the Department of Psychiatry, University of British Columbia. In my role as Director, I oversee the operations of North America's 2nd largest medically based psychotherapy training program. My research has been supported by various provincial and national funding bodies, and has led to more than 120 scientific publications. In addition to my research, I am involved with teaching medical students and psychiatry residents, serve in various capacities with a number of scientific and clinical journals, and consult with mental health clinics about service provision and evaluation. Training: Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of British Columbia; PhD, University of Alberta; BA, University of Calgary.


Department of Psychiatry, University of British Columbia


UBC Psychotherapy Program


North American Chapter, Society for Psychotherapy Research


HeadsUpGuys, Men’s Depression Online Resource

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"Your decision to seek consultation is an important indication of your determination to tackle the obstacles in front of you and move your life forward in a positive direction"

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